Large Grade 1 Winner - Trish Whitehouse-Lowe & Harlington High Life

Dog's pet name: Harley, Breed: Working Sheepdog, Age when rescued: 3 years 11mths, Age now: 5 yrs 9 mths
Rescue organisation or circumstances of rehome:
Harley was rehomed from Dogs Trust 28/2/13
History:  The Dog's Trust wouldn't give me any information on how he ended up with them, other than he had been rehomed previously and returned to them! I started Agility training with Harley in May 2013 and started competing in August 2013. Harley is not the fastest but he is accurate and is consistently placed in competition.

Achievements: Harley Won out of grade 1 and grade 2 in his first year of competition, now working at grade 3. He came 9th in the Agility Club annual awards for large grade 1 September 2013 to October 2014.

Harley is a fabulous dog, great with people and other dogs. He does have issues....over excitement/anxiety when people arrive or leave, occasionaly culminating in a Collie nip if I don't keep him calm and anxious barking in the car, which I've nearly cured ! Despite these minor things, Harley is the most intelligent , affectionate and loyal dog that I have ever had. He has given me so much enjoyment (and had great fun himself) learning and competing over the last 22 months....I love him dearly.

Large Grade 2 Winner- Jan Cooper & There Goes Mockie Moo

Dogs Pet Name:  Mocca. Age when rescued: she was rescued at 6 month old. Age now: 3 1/2 yrs.

Rescue organisation or circumstances of rehome: we got her from the fabulous Many Tears Rescue Centre.

Achievements: In her first agility season she lived up to her kennel club name , running off ,and sniffing the ground (that's the spaniel in her !)
Second season, she was focused and loved it !!, she went from Grade 1 to Grade 4 I am so, so proud of her.


We now have another rescue dog called Riley ,and I would just like to say a BIG thank you to many tears for my wonderful dogs, they have changed my life .xx

Medium Grade 3 Winner - Judi Brown & Tehanu Callie

Dogs Pet Name: Callie, Breed: Crossbreed, Age when rescued: 12 weeks Age now: 2 yrs

Callie was born on a farm in Ireland. She was rescued at 6 weeks with her sister and mother.  It was touch and go whether Callie would survive and she was put on a drip for 6 days by a wonderful volunteer called Mandy who nursed a very poorly pup back to health in her own home. Callie was then brought to Many Tears Animal Rescue in South Wales, and was fostered by Wendy Botto who we met through UKA agility.  Wendy very kindly helped us to find the perfect pup to fit in with our pack and join our agility-mad family.

History: Callie overcame some horrible tummy bugs and illnesses to become a real character. She is a great mixture of collie-type loyalty and terrier-tenacity. 

Achievements: Callie had a brilliant year in 2014, progressing to Grade 4 at KC, Senior in UKA steeplechase and Novice in UKA Performance.  She has recently lost confidence in the ring, but we are hoping if we take it gradually she will regain her can-do attitude and enjoyment of agility next year.

We didn’t mind whether she was an ‘Ears Up’ dog or an ‘Ears Down’ dog… we ended up with a quirky ‘one of each’ dog!

Medium Grades 6/7c Winner - Gilli Sayer & MorgansR Chance Find

Dogs Pet Name: Tico, Breed: Sheltie x collie (probably), Age when rescued: 9 months (ish), Age now: 4 yrs old

Tico was pulled from the pound on her last day by Morgans Rescue, Cumbria run by Donna Cain. 

History: Tico was always quite keen but quite nervous in certain circumstances to begin with, she went to pieces when first learning to weave as if she got it wrong twice in a row she would give up so I had to make sure she never failed. She took to agility very well and loved being part of a pack (I have 10 dogs, most of whom are rescues) She is an excellent stooge dog and helps immensely with the foster dogs I take on.  

Achievements: Tico started competing at 18 months and went to grade 7 in the first 6 months. 2013: Qualified for following finals: Dovedale, Brillo, Laser Pairs, Olympia semis (but didn't get through to Olympia first year) 2014: Qualified for following finals: Dovedale (qualified but didn't go to the final), Olympia, British Open and 2nd in The Medium Agility Finals at Olympia 2014.

Tico is an amazing little dog, she will run for anyone and especially loves running with junior handlers. She loves all people and all dogs and is an excellent aid to retraining foster dogs. She loves to play ball, swim, do agility and cuddle and adores children above all others. Tico is like the Duracell bunny as she never runs out of bounce. Her main reward after a run is to jump into my arms for a cuddle. She gets food and toys also but the cuddle is the be all and end all. Her best day ever was definitely going to Olympia as she adored being the centre of attention and spent most of the time there being cuddled and having her photo taken with the children who saw her in the shopping area. She is definitely a dog in a million and is a great advert for rescue dogs.


Small Grades 1/2c Winner- Camilla Westmacott & Treasured Bruce AWB

Dogs Pet Name: Bruce, Breed: JRT, Age when rescued: 3yrs, Age now: 9 yrs

Rescue organisation or circumstances of rehome: recycled/rehomed.

History: Bruce came to me having spent his first 3 years as a working terrier; he wasn’t ‘up to the job’ and to save him from being shot I agreed to have him on a 2 week trial and of course he never went back! He started agility when he was about 4 and after a year of going to training we entered our first club competition for a laugh and that’s where the competitive agility bug really bit. Although he’ll never break any speed records on course he just loves agility and always does his best - I am now training my second dog.

Achievements: runner up in 2013 Starters Cup at Discover Dogs, Grade 4, Agility Warrant Silver.

Bruce is ‘sofa surfer supreme’ and likes nothing more than a cuddle or failing that a cocktail sausage! Thanks for our success must go to our very lovely, patient trainer Nikki who has put up with us throughout.

Large Grade 3 Winner - Elisabeth Gorman & Mr Raffles

Dogs Pet Name: Raffles,  Breed: Crossbreed, Age when rescued: approx. 8 months, Age now: approx. 3 years

Rescue Organisation: Morgans Rescue Alston, Cumbria

History: Donna at Morgans Rescue saved Raffles from Ireland. As there was no room at Morgans in Shap he was fostered by foster mum Megan in St Bees. Joining our family in December 2012.

Achievements: Coming 3rd in  Agility Club Large Grade 3 league in 2014. Raffles also came a very close 2nd in The Agility Edge Large Grade 3 League 2014, and  of course winning Supadarl Large grade 3 in 2014!!!

Raffles was one of those large black dogs which are so often over looked in the pounds. He was confident and mischievous when he first arrived. We loved him from the start and over time we have formed a really strong bond and he has grown up into a loving loyal companion. When we first started agility he picked it up really quickly and I looked forward to taking him to his first shows, however he was so easily distracted and spent his first few shows running out of the ring, or standing at the top of the A-Frame checking what distraction he could visit next!! The peak of his exploits was three jumps in a row and then the seesaw but Raffles did three jumps, jumped the rope and finished off a spectators burger! The turn round was at the Hare N Hounds Summer show where the first weekend every run was an elimination then the second weekend of the show we clicked and Raffles won several jumping and agility classes! We haven’t looked back since. He is a really special boy and I love him to bits!


Large Grades 4/5c Winner Mark Gorman & Mr FireFly

Dogs Pet Name: Fly, Breed: Crossbreed, Age when rescued: approx. 1 year, Age now: approx. 3 years

Rescue organisation: Morgans Rescue Alston, Cumbria

History: Donna at Morgans Rescue saved Fly from Ireland. As there was no room at Morgans in Shap he was fostered by foster mum Megan in St Bees. Joining our family in October 2012.

Achievements: Winning out from Grade 1 to 4 in his first year. Winning Agility Club Large Grade 1 league in 2013 and Large grade 4 league in 2014. Winning Hare n Hounds Large Grade 2 league in 2013 and Large grade 4 league 2014. Winning The Agility Edge Large Grade 4 League 2014, and winning Supadarl Large Grade 1 and Large grades 1-2 crossbreed in 2013 and Large grade 4 and Large grades 3-5 crossbreed in 2014!!!

I am thrilled to bits with how well Fly has picked up agility and how successful he has been, Fly is ‘estimated’ to be nearly 3 years old so hopefully we have a long healthy and happy agility career ahead of us. Winning the Supadarl leagues is another reminder of how my very clever shy timid little boy has done so fantastically well in such a short space of time! He continues to amaze me of how he so desperately wants to get it right!


Large Grade 6/7cWinner - Helen Veal &  Fern

Dogs Pet Name: Fern,  Breed: Kelpie, Collie x type, Age when rescued: 8 months, Age now: 4 years

Rescue Organisation: Originally advertised on agilitynet

History: Fern found her way into our lives, came with numerous behavioural issues including attention seeking, chasing cars, bikes, joggers, kids, scooters in fact anything that moves, she had no recall and would run off, we never thought we would ever be able to let her off lead, let alone do agility. She's been extremely hard work, but what an amazing dog she has turned out to be.

Achievements: She qualified for the Olympia Novice, Camddwr Cup final, novice cup final, has been in the last two Rescue Finals winning both. We went into grade 7 at the beginning of last year & I expected nothing from her, as the competition is so high. She has done 3 champs making the final in two.

I absolutely love running her and she always gives me 100%. She's still a cheeky little madam and does something everyday to make me smile!


Allsorts Winner Mark Gorman & Beck Beauty

Dogs Pet Name: Poppy, Breed: Lab Cross, Age when rescued: stray puppy, Age now: 10 ½  years

Rescue Organisation: Walney pound, Barrow-In-Furness

History: We rescued Poppy, a beautiful lab cross, from our local dog pound on Walney Island, Barrow in Furness. Poppy’s mum had come into the pound as a pregnant stray. It was love at first sight as this little Andrex puppy scampered up to us. She joined our first rescue dog Jasmine (a beautiful and extremely unique yellow curly coated lab)

Achievements: Poppy won 22 classes in 2014 with 104 top ten places! She won the Hare N Hounds Veteran Dog of the year 2014 and also won the best anysize agility dog 2014 in memory of Howard Weston.

In 2014 Poppy was fantastic flying round the courses and loving it! if she didn’t win she was always close! Unfortunately in November Poppy Tore her biceps tendon on a walk-we don’t really know exactly how-possibly down a rabbit hole. Following an operation in December she is now in a brace for approximately 3 months and although I’d never say never has possibly hung her agility paws up for now! I’m so proud of her achievements and so glad she has had the opportunity to have so many enjoyable runs!