Finals 2015

We are pleased to announce the format for this year’s finals. It will consist of a jumping round and agility round, points for both runs will be awarded to the results for each round. The combined results will determine the winners.

The first ever Rescue Finals ran with this format, but as the league grew so did the numbers and rather than invite less people we changed the way the finals ran. 

This year we have less numbers in Large Grades 1 & 2, so this has enabled us to make the change this year. As a result the Large Category will run a Combined G1-3 and Combined G4-7, however there will be a Graded 1st award in each category for Large dogs and as usual a memento for all Finalists.

We hope this will make for an exciting finals. Karen & Deena


Running Orders - to download click here

Proposed Order Of Judging  - to download click here 

Commentary Form - to download click here

The Finals will be held on Saturday 18th July 2015 at the Adams Summer Show.
We would like to thank Adams for their support in stepping in and offering to host and supply the ring and equipment for this event.