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Please note all members have to update registration each year.

1)    The league is open to all rescue/rehomed dogs registered with the Kennel Club.The joining fee is £5.00, and £3.00 per additional dog from the same  household. 

2)    The league will run from January 1st to 21st December(points from shows between this date and Jan 1st can be carried forward to next year).

3)    Points can be claimed from all shows including unaffiliated (see guidelines)but not 'club only' shows, matches, leagues or fun days.

4)    When claiming points the show, date, class and place must be stated. The administrator reserves the right to assess if the show is eligible, under the above guidelines.

5)    Placed points can only be claimed if a placed award (rosette or card) is presented by the show, otherwise clear round points must be claimed for. Clear round points can be claimed for even if clear round rosettes are not given by the show, but must be within the course time.

6)    Points can be claimed for all  standard ‘singles’ classes, including *Championship qualifying rounds (not the final) H/Skelter, Gamblers, Snooker, special classes. *Points may also be claimed for the UKA Masters COMBINED result but not the individual rounds. Points cannot be claimed for: teams, trios, pairs, knockouts, finals, invitational events, pay in the day classes or rounds which toys have been used (i.e. Intoductory @BAA)

7)    Results for The Junior League will be collated separately from the main league.

8)   The Dog will remain in the category/level it starts in, for the duration of that year. (Allsorts excepted, only points from allsorts/veterans will count, points cannot be transferred from standard classes).

9)    The Owner is responsible for changing categories if required, when starting the new league year.

10)  The league is only available to enter online. It is the owners’ responsibility to enter points. Postal or email entries can be submitted in the event of experiencing problems with an online entry.

11)  There is NO time limit to claim points, although we would ask that you try to do so on a monthly basis.

12)  Results for the year must be entered before 9.00am on the 21st December.

13)  Points are claimed for the DOG, not the handler, so points CAN be claimed for when run by another handler.

14)  Allsorts Dogs, are welcome to join the league, points can be claimed for 'special' classes, anysize, allsorts, veterans etc, but NOT standard classes. If no places are awarded by the show for the class, you can only claim for 'clear round' points. Allsorts points cannot be used in 'the main league'. If a dog transfers to 'allsorts' classes during the year, please contact the administrator.

15)  Registrations for new members will close on the 31st July each year.


Junior Section

Points can be claimed where the dog has been handled by the registered Junior and/or  from Juniors classes only. 

Age for juniors is 18 or under on the 21st December 2014

Please note that by submitting your application to register for the Dog Agility Rescue League, you are agreeing to these rules



 Q: How soon should I add my points?

A: As soon as possible, so that everyone can see how they are doing in the league, but you have until the league year closes to add your points, however in the spirit of sportsmanship we ask that you do not add all your points to the league in December!


 Q:  Some unaffiliated shows, allow dogs to run at their own level, rather than the level of the handler,

for example where the dogs are KC Grade 3, but are allowed to run in Elementary under a different organistation, Can I claim these points in the league?

 A:   Yes, points can be claimed, just add the level at which you compete from the dropdown box.


Q:  I have won out, do I need to change my Grade?

A:  No, not for the current year. Your dog remains in the category it started in January for the duration of the year.

Changes should be made on registration the following year.


Q:  My dog did not come from a recognised 'Rescue Society' can he still join?

A:  YES, many dogs are rehomed through private individuals, without ever going through an organisation.

Q: What system should I use to calculate points from a KC limited show

A:  The points are the same as a KC open show. 


Q: My dog is injured/retired from competition, can I claim points for Allsorts classes?

A: Yes, but not for the main league. You are able to join the 'allsorts' league but these points will remain separate. Pleased contact admin should you require this option after registration in the main league.


Q: Why does my dog have to be registered with the KC?

A: The league needs to have a criteria to work with, such as levels, official heights, recognised breeds etc. We use The Kennel Club rules & regs for this  purpose.