Members Stories 2016

Ann Button

 March 2016 [Update]

I'm afraid I can't give you any heartrending stories of dogs rescued from anywhere terrible, but very happy second hand dogs now!

Choc (tricolour) Bought from the Freeads on New Year's Day 2011, aged three months, I can only assume an unwanted Christmas present. The owner told me he lived in the lounge, toileted on paper and had never been outside that room. He was horrified to be introduced to rain, shortly followed by snow but soon learnt playing in the snow is fun! A very repressed puppy is now a very bouncy Grade 6 dog. He loves cuddles and still hates rain. Born 09.09.09.KC name Third Tri Lucky.


Bic (b/w) came from the Border Collie Spot, history unknown, at about 6 months. He is just the perfect dog, I have no idea why someone didn't want him. Every day I think gratefully of his fosterer (Virginia Harry) and the Spot who were kind enough to let me adopt him. Now aged 2.5 and about to launch his agility career in 2016. He also loves cuddles, but possibly not quite as much as toys. KC name A Little Bic Lucky.

Thank you for continuing the DARL - it is much appreciated!