Rescue Me Henry Award Winner
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Rescue Me Henry

Born 1998 – died 19th June 2010

Henry, Henners to his friends, came into my life on Bonfire Night 1999, two weeks after I met him in The Margaret Green centre near Bere Regis in Dorset. He was a young misunderstood livewire who needed to be loved and to lead a life that any little Jack Russell should lead: walks, cuddles, holidays and things to do. Agility camemuch later, he was over four before we discovered it, but we had done lots of different activities and general training such as making lots of doggy friends and doing all the ‘going to new places’ that he hadn’t done with his previous people, and he had already climbed mountains in Scotland and the Hebrides, the Lakes and Snowdonia, explored Dartmoor, Pembrokeshire and all over Dorset and walked the coast paths of several counties up and down the country. Mind and body were in a much happier, healthier state. Henry loved to use both so agility was perfect for him when we did start. He loved the social side of it – meeting people and other dogs. And he had so much attitude.

Henry qualified and achieved top places in many Finals and prestigious events over the years; he competed including Crufts four years in a row and Olympia twice. He qualified for the SARL final every year too though we could not attend. He shot up through the levels at a time when there were only Open, Novice and then Senior classes for Small (or Mini) dogs. He would have been even quicker if I had not been learning at the same time: about how to teach agility to him as well as how to understand it myself. His mistakes were mine but he was so enthusiastic and loyal he never let me feel useless.

Henry was a very special little man and I consider myself hugely privileged to have had him by my side for nearly eleven years on our walks and on many, many agility courses. Henry loved to be part of everything  and he was at the centre of our life together as a family.

Since Henry died so many people have let me know how much his and my partnership inspired them with their Small dog, and several of these are Jack Russells, so it seems fitting to commemorate Henry specialness with the ‘Rescue Me Henry Award’. A trophy will be awarded to the handler and Jack Russell partnership that earns the most points across all the levels in the SARL league each year, in memory of my Henry who l loved and who I miss every day.

Helen Davey-Smith

photo by Alan Score